Harwell, Oxfordshire


42 Acres



Building Sustainable Communities

for a Bright Future

Carden Group have entered a Promotion Agreement with landowners who of over 42 acres in the picturesque region of Harwell, Oxfordshire. This strategic collaboration highlights Carden Group’s commitment to identifying and capitalising on sustainable development opportunities that effectively address the evolving housing requirements of both the Vale of White Horse and Oxfordshire.

The designated site holds immense potential for the creation of residential properties that embody principles of sustainability, environmental consciousness, and responsible urban growth. Recognizing the urgent need for thoughtfully planned and well-designed communities, Carden Group endeavours to leverage this opportunity to contribute to the  growth and development of the region, meeting the housing demands of the future.

To ensure the successful realisation of this project, Carden Group will actively promote the land through the emerging Joint Local Plan, a comprehensive and collaborative initiative being prepared by the dedicated efforts of both the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire Councils. The Joint Local Plan serves as a crucial framework for strategic development, encompassing key considerations such as infrastructure, transportation, environmental impact, and the overall welfare of local communities.

Through its alignment with the emerging Joint Local Plan, Carden Group aims to shape the future landscape of the Vale of White Horse and Oxfordshire. By working closely with the councils, Carden Group will lend its expertise in urban development to ensure that the proposed housing project seamlessly integrates with the long-term vision in the area.


If you’re interested in realising the potential of your land, please contact us on: enquiries@cardengroup.com